Nothing is more important than your safety.

Businesses and property owners have an obligation to ensure that the property is maintained in a safe condition. When safety is neglected, people get hurt. In those situations, it is the responsibility of the negligent business and property owners to make things right. The attorneys at Novik & Stanley have handled hundreds of cases where people have been injured due to unsafe property conditions. Our attorneys have recovered MILLIONS of dollars by aggressively advocating for our clients. We understand that these cases are about you. You are the one who lived through the accident and you are the one who will live with the results. These cases are about you and your story. Trust our attorneys - we understand that you are NOT JUST A NUMBER. You are important, your injuries are important, and you deserve the personal service that our firm will provide you. If you have been injured, call our office. You shouldn't go through this alone - and you don't have to. We are here for you and will fight for you.

If you've been hurt in A SLIP-AND-FALL accident or TRIP-AND-FALL accident and want to speak to a personal injury attorney about your options, please call Novik & Stanley today at 1-888-355-5552 or Contact Us online for a FREE CONSULTATION.