I tripped and fell on a crack in a sidewalk. What do I do now?

Unfortunately, cracks, gaps, and broken slabs on public sidewalks are very common in the Los Angeles area. Due to poor repair and lack of maintenance, people trip over cracked sidewalks everyday and sustain serious injuries. Broken bones and fractures often result from sidewalk falls. When injured after falling on a cracked sidewalk, it is absolutely important to act immediately.

1. after Tripping and falling on a cracked sidewalk, call our office IMMEDIATELY.

Unlike car accidents, where the statute of limitations is two years, when you are injured by a fall on a sidewalk you only have six months to begin litigation against the government entities (the city, county, state, etc.). You do not have time to spare after being injured by a fall on a public sidewalk! That is why you should speak with our office as soon as possible for a free consultation to ensure that your claim does not lapse.

2. go to the hospital.

After being injured by a fall on a cracked sidewalk, you should have your injuries evaluated as soon as possible. Sometimes, fractures can become worse if not quickly diagnosed and treated. That is why it is most important to begin getting the necessary medical treatment for your injuries

3. Take lots of photos of of the cracked sidewalk.

It is important to document the crack in the sidewalk that you tripped over. Be sure to take many pictures and measurements of the cracked sidewalk. If there are trees next to the sidewalk or tree roots that are visible, you should be sure to take several photos of those items also. If retained, our office will also take photos and measurements.

speak with our sidewalk accident and fall attorneys now for a free consultation. our fees are 100% contingency - if you don't recover, you don't owe any attorney's fees.